*Please note that the updated rates posted below will be in effect as of January 1, 2022.

Every job is different, but I always try to work with clients on a clear picture of scope before getting started.

For work in East Van (or just outside of East Van) that necessitates three hours or more my rate is $60 per hour (plus GST). A single hour callout fee is $80 (plus GST), and a two hour callout is $135 (plus GST).

If you have a few odd things to take care of at home, a great strategy to maximize your value for money would be to put a list together for me to tackle in one go.

Please note that the cost of materials does sometimes fluctuate, and while I will do my best to give you an estimate of how much supplies (wood and drywall, for example) will cost I cannot guarantee the final total. I will always keep the costs of materials separate from labour, so that you have a clear picture of the total value of your project. Any materials used are billed at a straight charge-back cost (i.e. no markup).

Whether it’s hanging a few pictures or fully renovating your bathroom, I’m up to the challenge. Get in touch at info@eastvanhandyman.com and I’ll let you know my availability.